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Video: Guy-Perkins superintendent arrested

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David Westenhover, superintendent of Guy-Perkins Public Schools, was arrested by Faulkner County sheriff’s deputies around noon Thursday after reporting to the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division on South Donaghey Avenue.

A warrant was issued Wednesday for Westenhover's arrest following a three-month investigation related to stolen weapons and property.

Westenhover, whose salary is listed as $93,078 in the school district's profile, attended the CID office in his own vehicle Thursday. About 25 minutes after he entered the building, he was escorted outside in handcuffs by two officers and placed into the back of a police vehicle.

He declined media comment.

Westenhover was detained for questioning on school property Nov. 7 before students were released for the day.

The superintendent said in a phone interview Nov. 8 that he was handcuffed at the school and transported by Faulkner County Sheriff's Office.

"They put on quite a show," he said in the earlier interview. "I'm not going to comment because my attorney wants me to be quiet. I can't comment on it right now."

Westenhover said when he was detained Nov. 7, he was uncuffed once he arrived at the CID office. He said he was not arrested, but was taken in for questioning.

Reports from police agencies on Westenhover's possible arrest or detainment on Nov. 7 were conflicting.

Sergeant David Hall, head of CID, said Westenhover was not arrested and came to the division voluntarily.

"As far as I know, he was never a target of the investigation, it was his son. They live in the same mobile home," Hall said in an earlier interview.

According to investigators, Westenhover was brought in Nov. 7 for questioning after deputies executed a search warrant at the superintendent’s home on school grounds.

The search warrant stemmed from an investigation into a local residential burglary, FCSO Capt. Matt Rice said Thursday.

According to Rice, it is alleged that Westenhover was in possession of one or more weapons stolen from another residence. He declined comment on the caliber or type of weapons recovered from the scene.

"We also believe that his son was involved and he was trying to help cover that up," Rice said.

He was transported to Faulkner County jail, where he was held on a $6,000 bond.

Westenhover is charged with theft by receiving, a Class D felony, hindering apprehension, a Class A misdemeanor, and aiding consummation of offense, a Class D felony.

Prosecutor Cody Hiland said the case is still under review and additional charges may be forthcoming.

 "We were presented with evidence by the FCSO that we believe constituted probable cause that the crime of theft by receiving and hindering prosecution was committed by the defendant. Unfortunately, in this case the defendant was in a position of trust and authority in one of our local schools," Hiland said. "Anytime an individual is prosecuted, it's important to remember that its not a reflection on the institution they were serving but on the individual.  I know many of the men and women that diligently serve our community in that school district and I'm confident they will continue to go about the business of educating their students and moving past this unfortunate distraction."

Westenhover became superintendent at Guy-Perkins School District in 2008 after three years as principal of Guy-Perkins High School. Before he became principal at Guy, he was an elementary principal in the Lead Hill School District in Boone County.

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