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Monday, June 23, 2014

Following F-4 tornado, artist offers art restoration event

SUBMITTED PHOTO Steve Griffith displays his newly restored painting, damaged by the F-4 tornado earlier this year.

Steve Griffith, local artist, will be hosting a free and open to the public event June 28 to teach restoration techniques of paintings.

Griffith was affected by the F-4 tornado earlier this year and amongst the wreckage were three of his paintings. These were damaged and seemingly ruined, but in the spirit of a true artist, Griffith did not give up hope.

He began looking into and perfecting the art of restoring paintings which has led him to host this event.

“We are all so proud of Steve Griffith’s commitment to our artist community,” said Nina Ruth Baker, Founding Artist at Art On The Green “He has been helping those families with art damaged in the recent tornado and has offered to work with Art On The Green — where his art is for sale — to expand assistance.”

It has been the goal of Griffith to offer the restoration event in order to save local art that may have been damaged in the tornado or other event.

“Griffith is not a restoration specialist, but when three of his paintings were discovered, albeit damaged in the recent F-4 Tornado, he wanted to bring them back to life. Now, Steve and Art On The Green are reaching out to the community to guide others with art restoration,” said Brenda McClain, gallery director at Art on the Green.

“Art On the Green is the perfect venue for us to meet with members of the region and advise owners if their art is salvageable,” said Griffith. “My wife, V., and I love to paint there on Saturdays, this time we will be available to discuss next steps for damaged art.”

Griffith explained his art, “is inspired by the world around him.”

“Steve’s style is brave and sometimes surprising, but tends to find a deeper place in the heart and imagination of his collectors over time. His work always dances on the borderline of abstraction and expressionism,” said McClain. “He believes that the true art in every painting lies beneath the visible brushstrokes and occurs only when an intuitive link is made connecting the viewer, the medium and the artist at a higher level.”

Saturday, June 28th, Steve and his wife, artist V. Noe, will be in Art On The Green from 1:03 p.m. until 4:03 p.m. to meet and examine damaged art. Art On The Green will be scheduling appointments in thirty minute intervals, and if needed, will add additional times. Call Brooke at Art On The Green, 1.501.205.1922 for your appointment.

Art On The Green is an artistic vortex drawing skilled artists and art lovers alike. The 3,000 sq. ft. gallery not only showcases and sells the works of internationally acclaimed artists in every medium, it transforms art into a living, breathing thing. It’s a symphony of artwork that touches the heart and inspires the mind.

Art on the Gree is located in Littleton Park on Bob Courtway Drive, Art On The Green is open six days a week and by appointment. For more information 501-205-1922.